The United States of America Apex Council represents the Zimbabwean Diaspora community in the country. Focused on mainly development initiatives relating mainly to education, health, and social welfare, the Diasporan group is open to new ideas and innovative propositions which will advance the national development cause.

Although it is still in the process of widening its base, the group is committed to:

  • Engage for sustainable development;
  • Build relationships with stakeholders in Zimbabwe and;
  • Harnessing information for development.
  • Collaborative working
  • Progressive and inclusive engagement
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

The United States of America Apex Council embraces a key philosophical underpinning of ZDNBI, that of acknowledgment, of the potential power of the collective will of Zimbabweans as compatriots, to creatively find common ground on which actors can stand, as they resolve presenting challenges in the national interest. ZDNBI proactively engages other state and non-state actors/stakeholders as one of the principal representatives of the global Zimbabwean Diaspora. Additionally, ZDNBI engages local actors in Zimbabwe at the highest level across the party divides.

The developmental goals around which the Unites States of America Apex Council will coalesce include, ZDNBI’s objectives, expected accomplishments, indicators of achievement (metric measures), main activities, and a projected budget.

(1)         Objective:

To strengthen the capacity of ZDNBI in Zimbabwe circles for the development of relationships with stakeholders and analysis of benchmark statistics to support national monitoring of progress towards the ZDBNI agreed on development goals.

(2)         Expected accomplishments

       2.1. Improved ZDNBI and stakeholder relationships, resulting in quality, timely, and relevant development of National Goals.

       2.2. Adoption or buy-in of the ZDNBI approach and acknowledgment of the need to engage Zimbabwe stakeholders in relation to the development of political crisis management goals that will be nationally agreed upon by Zimbabwean stakeholders.


(3)         Indicators of achievement

       3.1 Increased visibility in Zimbabwean official circles and trackable activities

              with identifiable benchmarks for tracking progress towards the ZDNBI

              Development Goals and nationally agreed development goals and the public

              and media engagement.


      3.2. Establishment of operational methodologies and increased number of stakeholders using common communication channels and engagement.

      3.3 Increased interaction between ZDNBI and stakeholders providing indicators of improved relationships and willingness to engage.

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