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What we do

 ZDNBI provides a conduit for the expression of a coalesced global Zimbabwean Diaspora voice and provides a platform to network with all levels of government and political, other public and private organizations, for the benefit of its members and the Zimbabwean community at large. 

As a coordinated diaspora entity, we work in collaboration with other stakeholders to contribute to nation building initiatives, guided by the strong conviction that the transcendence of national interest over personal and party interest is possible. Unity of purpose and minds are therefore central tenets of our work. The following overarching objectives inform what we do:

Our Objectives

The following overarching objectives inform what we do

Stakeholder Engagement

to contribute to the facilitation of stakeholder engagement in efforts aimed at addressing socio-economic and political challenges affecting Zimbabwe.

Support Dialogue

To support and encourage national dialogue and contribute to improved socio-economic, cultural, educational outcomes and reduce barriers to political participation by all citizens, including the Zimbabwe Diaspora.

Harness Resources

To harness the resources and strengths of the wider Zimbabwean diaspora to impact on the nation building initiatives in Zimbabwe, through economic, cultural, educational, political, and social activities.

International Engagement

To engage with wider international stakeholders such as SADC, the Commonwealth, the World Bank, International Organization of Migration (IOM) and UNDP in efforts aimed at contributing to improved socio- economic outcomes in Zimbabwe.


ZDNBI’s work is guided by a set of values:


We believe in the power of great ideas and that these ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Transparency and Accountability

We will be open and honest about how we work.

We are a HUB

We recognize that each member organization serves an important function in the community. And they must continue to do so. Our role is to promote smarter working and benefiting from synergies between the diverse community organisations.

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

We recognize the rich cultural heritage of our country and strive to ensure that our activities represent such diversity. We are all equal and every voice must be heard in equal measure

Facilitation and Proactive Engagement

We will be respecting everyone’s ideas, contributions, and hard work and facilitate an environment all members are proud to be part of. We will proactively engage with ideas that further the objectives of ZDNBI

Capacity Building and Development

We engage with the governments and institutions of our countries of residence so as to facilitate dialogue with the government and institutions of our country of origin, Zimbabwe.