About Cashias Gumbo

New Zealand Representative

Cashias is a part of the ZDNBI executive committee as the representative of the Zimbabwean Diaspora in New Zealand. Cashias Gumbo is the current treasurer of the Zimbabwean Canterbury New Zealand Society. Founder and President of Gumbo Holdings New Zealand Ltd and serves on its board of directors.

Gumbo Holdings is the management company for Gumbo & Good Family Wines, Gumbo Wine Merchants, Plutinum Trucks and Endorse it Media. Before establishing his own businesses, Cashias was a resident Sommelier at various Private Hotels both in South Africa and in New Zealand. With his business acumen, he was responsible for the company’s wine investment programmes, this position included the acquisition and end to end management of hotel outlets. He also founded and headed the New Zealand Wine tasting team leading them to the 2017 World Championship where we gained 4th place in World Challenge. Cashias is also one the few Certified Sommeliers in the World.

Cashias continues to play a key developmental role in the strategic vision for African Business Operators in New Zealand (AfBONZ), a business information hub which he serves as the Chairperson. His passion for charity work extends to Africa where he is a board member of EcoCARE Africa and board member and Director of EcoCARE Africa responsible for African Project Design. EcoCARE AFRICA is a non-profit organisation working towards building Sustainable development through capabilities building in the areas of education, health and the environment.

Cashias is a Wine Graduate from School of Business (University of Cape town), Wine and Spirits Education Trust Global, Court of Master Sommelier Europe, Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring in Political Science and International Relations and Media and Communications (University of Canterbury), he has a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and is a current Doctoral Candidate at the University of Canterbury. 

His research interest are in Humanitarianism, Political Communication, International Relations, Culture Diplomacy, Sustainable Development Policy, Non-Governmental Organisations, European Union diplomacy, International Political Communications, Media and Social Media analysis, Elite Perceptions, Public Policy, and Multilateral Organisations.

Contact Cashias via email on: cashiasgumbo@zdnbi.com