About Dr Maxwell Zhira

Canada Representative

Dr. Maxwell Zhira is a Zimbabwean Canadian living in Canada. He holds two (2) PhDs; in Political Science and in History, from the University of Alberta, Canada. He conducts research and writes books and analytical articles on Zimbabwean and African history and politics. Dr. Zhira won some of the most prestigious awards and scholarships awarded to high-ranking academics in Canada. His research interests include current regional and global migration trends, the living conditions of migrants and their links to home countries, the impact of remittances, international investments flows, trade, and development economics. Besides his academic work, Dr. Zhira is a businessman. He runs a Consultancy company in Canada – Genius Research & Consultancy Inc. His company gives private academic advice and mentoring to college and university students. He also provides business and leadership training and strategic advice, project management, and expert guidance to both profit-oriented and NGOs in their interaction with governments, agencies, and corporations. Dr. Zhira has built a vast network of associates in Canada. His network features political leaders in Canada and the CEOs of some of the largest corporations in the world. In his endeavors, Dr. Zhira is a patriotic Zimbabwean, who wants to see Zimbabwe rise again to take its place in the sun as soon as possible.