About Dr. Tonderai Tela


Dr. Tonderai Tela serves on the ZIMEXPO Consortium Board as board chairman. He has a keen interest in activities that bring and unite Zimbabwean communities in the USA. He has worked with ZIMEXPO and now is teaming with USA based Zimbabweans to build the USA community structures. Dr. Tela has over 30 years’ experience in ICT in the International arena with extensive experience in the Telecommunications,  Information Technology and Information Sciences industry, having served in both the public and private sectors.

Prior to relocating to the USA, Dr. Tela spearheaded the computerization of the Zimbabwe National Archives, computerization of the Zimbabwe Post office Savings Bank (POSB), Interconnect automation of the Zimbabwe Telecommunication between land line and Mobile providers. Most recently he has worked as a Business Analyst, Market Analyst, Data Analyst, and Project Manager across Telco industries like Intelsat, where he developed and implemented Customer Relational Management (CRM) System for Intelsat, and Program Manager for Radio franchise Kenwood in obtaining and setting up licensing for remote locations network expansion. 

Dr. Tela also delves in entrepreneurship, owning businesses in the Transport and Health sectors. He loves to serve in the communities where he is domiciled and seeks to improve the lives of others by connecting people and resources.

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