About Mavis Kamota

NewZealand Represantive

Mavis is the New Zealand Country Association representative. A registered Nurse by profession, she lives in New Zealand and has a passion for community projects that benefit all stakeholders, broadly defined. Mavis a founder and chairperson of Embracing Diversity Incorporated, an organisation based based in Christchurch. The initiative was formed to bring together African young people in Christchurch ( children aged 5-14 years and youth from 15-20+ years). The project is focused on building resilience and encourages participants to embrace their unique cultural qualities. As part of the ZDNBI, she is keen to promote projects that will positively transform the socio-economic status of those from deprived backgrounds, in Zimbabwe. Through teamwork, Mavis envisages contributing to effecting a culture change in self belief, which can help achieve the adoption of a ‘can do; attitude to life. Mavis is convinced that Zimbabweans in the diaspora can be mobilised to impact significantly and proggresively, to the development of a greater Zimbabwe.

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